One of my first memories of how photography could open doors for me was when I was in 7th grade.  I had gone to watch the 1976 Olympic track and field trials at U of O with my sister.  I was taking a photography class in school at the time, so I had brought my camera with me to work on a project.  I had a decent camera (Nikon F1) because my father, being a more than avid part time photographer, had given me one of his.  I’m not even sure how it happened, but I had gone down to the fence to get some closer shots of the athletes, and next thing I know I’m getting shuffled onto the field with a group of actual photographers.  (Obviously, this would never happen today!)  From there I had free reign!  I stood at the finish line with the times keepers, capturing future Olympians crossing the line.  I lied next to the high jump bag, right underneath the bar as competitors jumped.  I took photos of the athletes warming up.  It was beyond incredible.  I might have even got a shot of a young Bruce Jenner! I can’t say it’s the last time I’ve found myself “in” just because I was carrying my camera.

Years later, I still found myself never without my camera, doing things and going places mostly in search of images.  So, after college and a career in marketing and advertising, I headed east to attend the New England School of Photography, in Boston.  From there, my husband and I moved to New Jersey, where I specialized in children’s portraits for 9 years.

Now, residing in East Greenwich, RI, and my kids in middle and high school, I once again have the time to commit to making unique images that capture an individual’s personality or if you want, maybe something entirely different.  I specialize in location portraiture of children, seniors, and families.  I’m a Photoshop junkie, and if desired, can manipulate any photo in an endless variety of ways.  This can include retouching ranging from removing a blemish to magazine cover flawless and anything in between, or completely transforming the scene to something different and surreal.

I would love the opportunity to make something special for you to capture this moment in time and share it with your friends and family.

Please contact me to discuss what I can create for you.